Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ)

My question isn't addressed here?

Email us at and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

How can I stay in touch with GMS?

We're glad you asked! Please be sure to join our email list where we'll occasionally send updates and discount offers. You can also follow GMS on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Can I buy for someone else?

Yes, and thank you for sharing GMS! At checkout will be an option for giving Membership as a gift with all the requisite questions. Bear in mind that the way our shopping cart works, your gift recipient won't receive a notification of their gift until we ship their first mailing. If you want them to know sooner, you'll have to write them yourself. Or, feel free to write us at and we'll handcraft a nice email to send their way. Or, even easier, you can just send someone a gift card and you won't have to deal with the logistics of all that.

How long does each mailing take to solve?
That's really going to vary depending on your overall experience level with puzzles, how many people are playing, etc, but if you forced us to answer we'd say one to three hours per mailing.

How many people should participate?

That's also tricky to determine not knowing you, but generally we'd say one to two people, maybe a third person if you're all fairly new to escape-room-esque puzzles.

Are the puzzles hard?

We generally say that GMS is meant for beginner or intermediate puzzlers/escape room fans. We've gotten plenty of positive feedback from experienced people, however, so your experience may vary. Our puzzles are thoroughly tested and designed to be solved with careful methodology and thoughtful consideration. It is not our intent to create something impossible, however, since that’s not fun for you or us. If you’re ever stuck, we've got a special hints webpage, or you’re welcome to email us for additional hints and we’ll gladly nudge you as much as you’d like. This page gives a few spoilers as to what you might expect to receive.  

Do I need anything special to solve these puzzles?

Occasionally you'll need something small that's not provided in the mailing-- Mailing 1, for instance, a protractor might prove very handy. Another mailing later on you'll need a pair of scissors to cut something out. 

When should I expect to be charged and when should I expect the mailings?

The story of GMS starts with you signing up. The packages are in story order--you always get Mailing 1 first-- but when you actually receive the physical mailing will depend on when you sign up. You are charged for Mailing 1 immediately but will not be charged again until you receive Mailing 1. We send out shipments on the 3rd of each month. We bill renewing Members on the 13th of each month. Between the 3rd and the 13th is a cut off period when new orders will be held until the following month's shipment. 


Let's pretend we're in the month of May:


Scenario A
I sign up on May 1, get charged for Mailing 1 immediately, and receive Mailing 1 after GMS places it in the mail on May 3. On May 13 I get charged/renewed for Mailing 2 and receive Mailing 2 after GMS places it in the mail on June 3.


Scenario B
I sign up on May 7, get charged for Mailing 1 immediately, but it's too late for that month's batch of mailings. I am not charged on May 13 and receive Mailing 1 after GMS places it in the mail on June 3. On June 13 I get charged/renewed for Mailing 2 and receive Mailing 2 after GMS places it in the mail on July 3.

Can I briefly pause my Membership?

Yes, email us at and we can put a temporary pause of 1-3 months on your account.


What if I live outside the United States?

Unfortunately, for the time being, Membership is limited to addresses within the United States. As GMS grows and we’re better able to support the logistics (and extreme postage costs) of shipping internationally, we’ll open Membership to international addresses.